Child on Motorbike Riding A Motorcycle with Children Safely
Published: 8th September 2018

Motorcycle rides are probably one of the most dangerous modes of transportation, but owning a motorcycle has its perks - low maintenance, you do not need a big parking space, smaller fuel usage, and a lot more. Having a motorcycle, though, can also mean you can only tag one person along; they can be any member of your family including children. Yes, motorcycle rides with children can happen. And when the time comes you will be confronted with the number one issue in riding a motorcycle, safety.

As parents, our priority will always be our childrens safety. From the moment they started to walk, we would search for the best baby walker to ensure that are safe. However, motorcycle rides can be fun and memorable if you take the following into account:

Buy a reliable kid's helmet

A helmet is the most important gear for motorcycle rides. It protects the rider from head injuries that can cause brain trauma. It is also vital to use a helmet based on the child's age. Do not use an adult helmet on kids; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of using them. Make sure that the helmet is also D.O.T certified.  Here are some tips on buying the right kid's helmet.


Make sure that the helmet fits perfectly. The helmet should not easily fall off during quick turns or if a fall or collision happens.

Helmet Padding

When buying a motorcycle helmet for children always check if the helmet is padded properly. High-quality padding for helmets is important for long rides, especially for children.

Full face helmet

This helmet should wrap the entire head and should have a face cover that shields every part of the child's face and skull.

Motorcycle jacket

Just like the helmet, stay away from giving kids an adult motorcycle jacket; it will be too loose for them and it could hinder them from moving freely and comfortably. A child wearing a loose-fitting jacket will not be protected. You can check quality motorcycle jackets online.

Hand gloves

Children should wear hand gloves during motorcycle rides to absorb sweat especially when they are holding on to the riding belts. Our initial instinct when we fall is to throw our hands out to protect our body, wearing gloves can protect the hands from broken glass or any debris that the children can fall into when they stick their hands out.

Long pants

Make sure your child wears thick comfortable pants to protect them from scratch, debris, and hot pipes.

Riding belts

Riding belts are also important to have when riding with children. Since they have smaller arms they will not be able to wrap their arms around your waist in order for them to hold on tightly. Riding belts solves this dilemma.

The key to having an enjoyable ride with children is to make them feel safe and secure. Try short rides to give them a feel of what riding a motorcycle can be.  Make sure to follow road signs and obey traffic rules when riding with kids, set a proper example, in that way your children will feel more relaxed riding a motorcycle. Make sure they are comfortable and they are not afraid. Encourage the children to express their thoughts and feelings about the motorcycle ride.

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