How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident and Possible Surgery?
Published: 26th October 2018

You could be the most expert driver in the world, but that doesn’t exempt you from a motorcycle accident, especially when you are on a public road. Accidents do happen – whether you caused a motor crash or you’re just a mere victim of it. It doesn’t also matter if you’re magnificently skilled or not.

This is inevitable, but luckily, we can do something about it and reduce the chance of a motorcycle collision. Here are some easy tips that will keep you off from a possible visit to a Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics spine surgery practice and save you from a motorcycle accident:

Check your Vehicle’s condition

You can never put the blame on anyone when it is your motorcycle’s condition that caused the accident. Ensuring the condition of your vehicle might be time consuming or expensive, but it is worth doing for your own safety.

Prepare Yourself for the Ride

Inspection before a ride doesn’t just apply to your motorcycle. Remember, your vehicle will not run without you as its operator. Thus, it’s also important that you check your own state of mind before you go for a ride. Leave your troubles behind, and don’t drive if you are stressed or unwell.

Always Wear your Helmet

Regardless of how far or near you’re going, you must wear your helmet. It’s an effective gear that reduces the severity of an injury and potential trauma to the head, thus saving you from getting surgery.

Be Updated if There’s a Bad Weather Condition

A wet and slippery road is one of the biggest foes of a rider. Thus, it is better to be updated if there is a bad weather condition, so you can prepare for it and avoid suffering from injuries caused by an accident.

Gear Up

Helmets are not just the only protective gears that you can wear. Long pants and sleeves made of thick materials, gloves, and eye protection are equally important and effective too when you are riding a motorcycle. They don’t only make you comfortable, but they can also lessen the austerity of possible injury.

Avoid Crossing Lanes

Respect the right of way. If it is not your lane, do not try to claim it just to get to where you are heading in a faster way.

Beware of Intersections

According to NHTSA, 50% of accidents occur in intersections. A motorist that is turning on the other way perhaps is the main reason why collisions occur. Thus, it is important to be alert at all times. You should also slow down when you are heading towards or stopping at an intersection.

Follow the Speed Limit

Make sure that you are following the speed limit and try to adjust accordingly. Always remember that the more you control your speed, the faster you can react to avoid accidents. Also, try not to be aggressive in driving just to show off. Faster speed might save your traveling time, but it also increases the chances of an accident. You don’t want to have a reason for hiring a spine surgeon, right? So, know your limit.

Never Drink and Drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol impairs judgment and slows your reaction time. The more you drink, the more likely you are to have an accident.

Do not Trust Other Drivers

Try to be alert and look at other drivers as potential causes of accidents. A parked car that opens the door without any warning, an aggressive driver, a drunk driver, a car that suddenly turns left – these are just some of the instances that you might encounter on the road. That’s why you should not assume that other drivers are as skilled and as careful as you.

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