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Published: 07 January 2019

Riding a motorcycle gives the feeling of freedom when you hit on the road. Moreover, the motorcycle community gets people with the same passion together. They come from a various line of work including people who do blogging. With that, here is a list of some popular blog related to motorcycles. There are many of them, so we only pick the best ones.

Motorcycle Paradise

Aside from being a very interesting blog with an easy to maneuver platform, Motorcycle Paradise is also filled with several travel stories and journals from the creator himself, Warren. He is living now in Japan and uses his blogs to display numerous stunning sceneries that Japan has to offer. With a purpose of motivating other fellow bikers to travel overseas and have a trip on beautiful roads, Warren shares a festivity of pictures and chronicles. In this blog, you will be able to learn his on-road journeys, conceptions in life, and some of the excellent motorcycle parts and accessories today with his reviews.


The YouMotorcycle is devoted to sharing the finest tips, trick, and ideas in the motorcycle culture. With lots of various posts from a mixture of former and current professionals in the international motorcycle industry, this site provides us a unique perception on what is like to own a motorbike.  The blog emphasizes more on motorcycling tips and advice. If you’re one of those people who want to gain more knowledge from veteran riders and take motorcycling as a lifestyle, then you should definitely visit this blog often.

The Moto Lady

The Moto Lady acts as a blog to encourage and inspire women to engage in the world of motorcycles in an optimistic and harmless approach, though, this doesn’t imply that men will not get the same values and drive that this wonderful blog gives. In this website, you will discover plenty of exciting blogs, ideas, tricks, tips, and more thanks to the creator, Alicia Mariah. As a matter of fact, The Moto Lady has been featured on Morning America, The Huffington Post, CNN, Good, and many more. With this entertaining and appealing blog, you’ll feel motivated to set on your first motorcycle journey.

Motorcycle Views

Motorcycle Views is a site that tackles things all about motorcycles. It features excellent pictures, articles, content, and even the newest books and magazines about motorcycle lifestyle. It also provides easy reading materials and more. If you’re searching for legit information on salvage yards, seat heights, recalls, or just needing for inspirational pictures, this blog is certainly for you. Founded by Walter F. Kern, his writings contain a lot of safety advice, email lists, and recent motorcycle images.  He was the main motorcycle guide on which gave him comprehensive motorcycle knowledge that can be read, also through his 6 books. With this blog, surely, your motorcycle knowledge will increase.

Final Thoughts

Owning a motorcycle not only necessitates you to have sufficient knowledge but also comes with great responsibility. There are many ways to earn these things and one of them is through the internet, thanks to the bloggers who share their vast knowledge using their blogs and the web hosting they do which allows them to spread it around the world. 

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