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Published: 31 Oct 2019

Call centers are made up of people who have significant impact on communication between your business and the customers. Treating these people well will be rewarding your business. For the best results, the call center team should focus on QA for call center in order to achieve the goals. There are several ways you can improve the management of your team.

Team structure and management

For better customer services, several provisions must be addressed;

  • Know your customer's needs: customers will always want instant solutions to their problems without any delay. 
  • Create your customer’s profiles: know the type of customers you serve and their preferences.

Create a customer’s service vision for the call center

The customer’s vision will be a wish for the caliber of services you would like to provide to your customers. It will give the direction and the state of how your services will appear in the future. With a clear vision, every member of the team will know the intended goals, but without a vision, the team will not work towards a common goal. 

Create effective SMART customer service goals

To achieve your goals in customer services, you must have a clear plan. The plan must have some qualities contained in the SMART strategy. This strategy means that your goals must be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time

Example of a goal without SMART: To ensure my customers are satisfied. 

Example of a goal with SMART strategy: To use customer’s feedback to increase their satisfaction with 20% in the next three months. 

Align your customer service goals with your business goals

The customer service goals will be part of your operations to meet your overall business goals, and thus, the achievement must be used to supplement the business goals. The two must harmoniously link. 

Create customer service workers schedule 

You must balance the customer service workers’ needs with the needs of the customers. You should avoid resource wastage brought by too many workers for a few customers. At the same time, you should not have few workers and too many customers since this might annoy customers if they are kept too long without being served. Allow your workers to have enough rest and match them with their specific skills in customer service. 

Quality analysis

The quality analysis will be instrumental in informing where your services stand and your desired results. It will tell whether you are on the right track towards meeting desired goals. 

Management of online customer services to build a reputation 

Responding to customers' concerns on online platforms such as social media will build an ideal reputation as a business that is concerned with its customers. Some customers might be giving negative feedback. Ensure you respond to both positive and negative feedback.  

Monitoring and analysis of customer service systems

Ensure to monitor your customer service system to allow smooth operations. A broken system can negatively affect the customers, and at the same time lower the morale of your team.  

Customer Service Workers Empowerment

Engage in empowerment activities to motivate your workers. You may arrange for routine training and rewarding the workers. 

Bottom line

Customer care service is an integral part of your business. Success starts by assembling and building a strong and effective team.

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