Motorcycle-Online 7 Effective Tips for Selling Your Motorcycle Online
Published: 24 December 2020

Trading a motorcycle is very common via the online platform. Selling on Amazon requires having an amazing discounts for heilium to attract a suitable buyer. The online platform is growing in popularity, and many businesses have gone digital. 

Therefore, if you are looking to sell your motorcycle fast, the online platform is a good place to start. Consider the following tips when selling your motorcycle via an online platform. 

Capture High-Quality Pictures of Your Motorcycle

Quality images will give a good impression to all potential buyers. This is what will motivate them to buy your motorcycle. Use natural daylight to take the photos as this avoids washing out the motorcycle. 

You should also avoid the use of stock photography to bring out the best quality. Make sure you come up with several angles to give the buyer a better idea of the bike. If possible, add a video to support the display. 

Thoroughly Wash the Motorcycle

Before taking the pictures, make sure that you thoroughly wash your motorcycle to make it spotless and shiny. Soot and dust should never appear in your photos since this will turn away potential buyers.

Potential buyers can also doubt the bike’s maintenance due to stains and disregard it. Besides, cleanliness gives a good impression, especially, if the potential buyer wants to see the bike in person.

Provide a Comprehensive Detail of the Bike

It is recommendable to provide more detailed information of the bike to give insight to potential buyers. The buyer will use this information to gauge whether the motorcycle suits his or her lifestyle. 

Cycle Trader advises sellers to make sure all vital features are highlighted, including previous experiences with the bike. Make the information appealing and specific to attract the right buyers.  

Include Relevant keywords

It is vital to include the relevant keywords when selling on Amazon or any other online platform. Relevant keywords allow your advert to appear quickly in Google searches. 

Some keywords that are good to include in the sale of your machine include touring, dual-sport, and cruiser. This makes sure that your advert reaches many potential buyers and makes you stand out from other online sellers. 

Mention the Price

More often than not, potentials buyers will always have a budget in mind when scouting for various products, and a motorcycle is no exception. For this reason, make sure that you include the price to help the buyer decide whether they can afford the bike.

Provide Timely Feedback 

Ensure to answer questions from buyers as soon as possible to avoid losing a sale. When it comes to selling your machine, it is recommendable to check messages frequently. Having constant communication with buyers will make it easy to make deals. Give precise feedback so that buyers can make decisions effortlessly. 

Be Aware of Scammers

Selling your product online makes you more susceptible to scammers. Selling on Amazon and other reputable sites is a great choice as this will help lower the chances of being scammed. Apart from choosing a trustworthy, you also need to trust your gut to decide whether a buyer is genuine or a scam.


Keeping the above tips in mind will help you reach a good deal when selling your motorcycle online. Always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and contemplate what you would look for when purchasing a motorcycle.

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