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Ken's Yamaha Blog

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle as a Beginner


Riding a motorcycle for a newbie is not as easy as you may think. There are a lot of instructions and more information that need to be adhered to before you become an efficient rider. Riding becomes enjoyable only when you take heed of instructions.

Riding instructions for beginners are aimed toward teaching beginners the basics of riding. These instructions are readily available on motorcycle manufacturers’ social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and many others. Furthermore, the instructions will prepare you to get a license for riding.

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Ways to Prep the Outside of Your Motorcycle for Shipment


There’s no reason to abandon your motorcycle regardless if you are moving overseas or going somewhere far away for vacation. You can simply have your motorcycle shipped through a freight forwarding service. This option is inexpensive, not complicated, reliable, and safe.

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How to Start Up a Motorcycle Rider Training Business


Starting a new business is the most powerful way of earning huge income. As mentioned by Bloggers need, this venture is quite difficult because it needs a lot of consideration, an example of which is the capital. However, if you want to grow, as they say, it is always best to try than to never try at all.

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What is E-Accounting?


E-accounting, also commonly known as online accounting, is a new and upcoming advancement in the field of accounting. According to Ginwigmore accounting service, Unlike traditional accounting, e-accounting uses online and computer technology to help accountants accurately record and store accounts effectively. This makes the accountant’s job faster and easier, thereby leading to more productivity.

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Tips in Getting a Motorcycle loan


You probably want to buy a motorcycle but don’t have enough money to do so. Don’t be sad – you’re not alone. According to, getting a loan to finance for the purchase is probably one of the avenues you should consider.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of digital control panels


Digital control systems are used in industries to control and monitor variables such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. The control panels help companies to reduce costs by reducing applicable outputs and controlling predictive behaviors. Using these control panels is a big sings for branding as they are mostly used in refrigeration plants, motor control panels, air compressors, circulation pumps, and manufacturing systems.

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Riding With a Gun

Riding Gun

Riding motorcycles is fun for many. This mode of transportation does not require much space for parking. Motorcycles enable the riders to easily pass through heavy traffic flows. These are also a bit cheaper compared to fancy cars. The appearance of the motorcycle can be enhanced using various accessories if you visit AdventureFootstep once.

Target shooting is still a popular sport today. Plenty of motorcycle riders own guns of a different caliber. They used to carry guns to protect themselves from possible danger. Some of them carry guns to go areas where they can hunt or where they can do some target shooting.

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Steps in Organizing a Charity Bike Ride or Sportive


Organizing events like events company Manchester is a very tiring and time-consuming task a person can do, yet it can also be a very fulfilling task when done with a meaningful purpose.

More and more people are encouraged to be bike riders due to its benefits for the environment and for the rider’s physical aspect.

Organizing events like cycling to raise funds for charity requires a lot of planning and manpower to make it a successful one.

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CBD is in the Middle of Motorcycle Racing Controversy


CBD has grown in popularity and is now being used in different types of products, ranging from These CBD pens, creams to oils and even to pet treats. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound or cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis, more popularly known as marijuana. It’s gaining popularity in the health industry because of its alleged health and pain-relief benefits.

Marijuana has long been used for relieving pain, and it has recently been discovered by scientists that this specific component of the plant, CBD, is the one responsible for such effect. That’s because CBD has analgesic effects: it increases endocannabinoid system activity, which has a big role in pain relief.

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Building and managing Call Center Customer Service Team


Call centers are made up of people who have significant impact on communication between your business and the customers. Treating these people well will be rewarding your business. For the best results, the call center team should focus on QA for call center in order to achieve the goals. There are several ways you can improve the management of your team.

Team structure and management

For better customer services, several provisions must be addressed;

  • Know your customer's needs: customers will always want instant solutions to their problems without any delay. 
  • Create your customer’s profiles: know the type of customers you serve and their preferences.
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High-Tech Ways to Make Motorcycles Safer?


Today’s generation is filled with smart gadgets with smart controls and purposes; all of which are carefully developed and produced by biotech entrepreneurs. Biotech entrepreneurs from Lindsay Rosenwald are the ones responsible for creating existing innovative products for various purposes.

To be a biotech entrepreneur means to scrutinize an item’s existing controls and address issues that it currently has. There are a lot of smart gadgets today that we owe to the creativity and flexibility of these biotech entrepreneurs. These include smart phones, smart homes, smart TV, smart cars, etc.

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Motorcycle Fairings: What's the Difference Between Compression and Injection Molding?


If you are a motorcycle owner, perhaps you are thinking of upgrading its parts. Like other owners, upgrading the motorcycle parts benefits their own comfort as a rider. Meanwhile, some owners do such a thing for styling purposes. Regardless of the reasons, you must check out injection molding cost estimator because motorcycle parts such as fairings are important to be considered.

Motorcycle fairings are not only for the appearance of the motorcycle. They are also beneficial for the safety of the rider. In upgrading them, knowledge about fairings is very important. That’s why before you get one, know first what their importance is and learn the different methods in making motorcycle fairings.

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How to Clean Your Motorcycle?


Motorcycle parts are more vulnerable to damage by the high-pressure hoses in commercial washing facilities than car parts.  Taking your bike to a professional cleaner regularly will definitely keep it looking smart and attractive. But, the bike won’t last long before it demands the replacement of certain parts. This may go on until you have to replace the bike itself.  Like house cleaning in San Diego by yourself may appear time-consuming, doing the bike washing ritual is also consume so much of your rime. But it’s the safest way to give your bike professional treatment and care.

What You Need

Getting the cleaning gear ready is the first step to doing a good job. Just like house cleaning, motorcycle cleaning requires the use of the right supplies and cleaning equipment. Bike owners can source their cleaning supplies from different manufacturers and suppliers. Here are some of the must-have supplies and equipment when cleaning your bike.

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How to Remove Mold on a Motorcycle Helmet


Sometimes, when cleaning out your motor biking stuff, you can notice some mold buildup on your helmet, especially around the bottom and the strap. If that’s the case, there’s no need to throw it out, unless you have severe asthma or skin allergies.

The steps we outlined below will help you remove mold on your motorcycle helmet:

Clean with Bleach

Nothing beats bleach in removing molds. Simply dilute the mixture of bleach and water, then use a toothbrush to scrape off the mold. The less diluted the mixture is, the more effective the mixture will be.

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How to Save Money On Your Bike Purchase


Picking a bike style, engine size and brand can be very overwhelming, most particularly when you're on a limited budget. Thanks SNUrl for article which will help you to save money without compromising your motorcycle needs. Below are some tips to achieve that.

Seek for Pre-Registered Bike

Pre-registered bikes are motorcycles that have been registered often by the dealers or finance company but never been owned or ridden by anybody. Dealers do this to cope up with the target sales established by the makers. These bikes are usually offered during the off-season; they sell them with a huge discounted price. Hence, buying a pre-registered bike can definitely cost you less especially when having an old registration plate is not a big deal for you as long as it’s brand-new.

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Top Hosted Motorcycle Blogs Today


Riding a motorcycle gives the feeling of freedom when you hit on the road. Moreover, the motorcycle community gets people with the same passion together. They come from a various line of work including people who do blogging. With that, here is a list of some popular blog related to motorcycles. There are many of them, so we only pick the best ones.

Motorcycle Paradise

Aside from being a very interesting blog with an easy to maneuver platform, Motorcycle Paradise is also filled with several travel stories and journals from the creator himself, Warren. He is living now in Japan and uses his blogs to display numerous stunning sceneries that Japan has to offer.

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Tips on Carrying Stuff On A Motorcycle

Tips on Carrying Stuff On A Motorcycle

Most people underestimate motorcycles’ carrying ability, but there are actually a variety of ways to carry promotional tote bags using a motorcycle. When contemplating what to carry, all you need to consider is the space you need as a rider and the area you need to move freely so as you can comfortably control the motorbike. Once you work on those two areas, you can carry any type of luggage you want. Read below to know more tips on carrying stuff on a motorcycle.

Use Rear Seat Bags

This is one of the most common choices for many who often travel alone. Most bikes have rear-seat haulers to ease this process and make travel more convenient. Rear seat bags are also ideal if you’re traveling long-term and carrying a lot as they can handle heavy weight and your motorcycle’s rear seat can also support the weight.

Use Backpacks

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Coolest Motorcycle Movies of All Time

Easy Rider

Speed and adrenaline rush – these are what we usually feel when we ride a motorcycle.  Most of us have a fascination about motorcycle movies because we feel the same rush of energy. Just like in movies, we also hold our breath when riders make death-defying stunts and experience the thrill of the air rushing through the body.

Motorcycle putlocker movies are packed with lots of excitement and action, and it's no wonder why many of them were produced over the years. Here are 10 hardcore movies for bike enthusiasts.

On Any Sunday (1971)

Nominated for the 1972 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Director Bruce Brown showcases different kinds of motorcycles and the story and character of the men who ride them. The movie features the great Steve McQueen, AMA #1 champion Mert Lawwill and off-road racer Malcolm Smith.

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How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident and Possible Surgery?

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

You could be the most expert driver in the world, but that doesn’t exempt you from a motorcycle accident, especially when you are on a public road. Accidents do happen – whether you caused a motor crash or you’re just a mere victim of it. It doesn’t also matter if you’re magnificently skilled or not.

This is inevitable, but luckily, we can do something about it and reduce the chance of a motorcycle collision. Here are some easy tips that will keep you off from a possible visit to a Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics spine surgery practice and save you from a motorcycle accident:

Check your Vehicle’s condition

You can never put the blame on anyone when it is your motorcycle’s condition that caused the accident. Ensuring the condition of your vehicle might be time consuming or expensive, but it is worth doing for your own safety.

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Cryptocurrencies - Should Your Motorcycle Business Accept Them?

Cryptocurrencies for Motorcycle Business

Cryptocurrencies had started in the early 1980s when an American cryptographer David Chaum invented the earliest form of electronic money. He took some time on developing the digital currency. However, it is not just about plain currencies at all, it requires a deep understanding on how it really works, how it is being used, how it was developed and how it is considered as a medium of exchange.

Finance experts say that you should only invest money you are willing to lose, this lead to the emergence of Bitmex Telegram. When you look at different types of currencies, depending on its form and country where it is being used, these are utilized in trading, selling, and buying. But what about cryptocurrencies? Does it work the same way?  They do. However, it is so complex compared to the basic exchange.

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Ken's Yamaha Custom-Made T-Shirts Just for You

Custom Hoodies

At Ken's Yamaha, we value our customers and we appreciate you doing business with us. In return, we are giving away limited edition Ken's Yamaha customized hoodies just for you.

Promo Mechanics

  1. Like and follow our Facebook page, to get the latest promotional updates.
  2. Each customer will be given a loyalty card when they visit our store.
  3. Every purchase the customer makes will entitle them to earn a stamp.
  4. Stamps are earned depending on the value of the purchase or the service requested.
  5. Collect 30 stamps and we will be giving you a Ken's Yamaha custom-made T-shirt.
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An Owner's Guide for Veteran, Vintage, and Classic Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance for Classic Motorbike

Owning a motorcycle or scooter can be a hobby. It is also something that you can use for special occasions, more so if what you have is nothing more special than a veteran a vintage, or a classic. A veteran is a vehicle made prior to 1919. A vintage, on the other hand, is made between 1919 and 1930, while a classic has an age of 15 years old or a bit older. Nevertheless, whether you have a veteran, a vintage, or a classic, we, at Ken's Yamaha can help you choose the best offer against theft, fire, flood, and accidental damage.

Insurance for your motorcycle is not very different from the cheapest homeowners insurance, both offer the consumer peace of mind. You can use the details below for more information on motorcycle insurance.

Veteran, Vintage, or Classic Motorcycle Coverage

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Riding A Motorcycle with Children Safely

Child on Motorbike

Motorcycle rides are probably one of the most dangerous modes of transportation, but owning a motorcycle has its perks - low maintenance, you do not need a big parking space, smaller fuel usage, and a lot more. Having a motorcycle, though, can also mean you can only tag one person along; they can be any member of your family including children. Yes, motorcycle rides with children can happen. And when the time comes you will be confronted with the number one issue in riding a motorcycle, safety.

As parents, our priority will always be our childrens safety. From the moment they started to walk, we would search for the best baby walker to ensure that are safe. However, motorcycle rides can be fun and memorable if you take the following into account:

Buy a reliable kid's helmet

A helmet is the most important gear for motorcycle rides. It protects the rider from head injuries that can cause brain trauma. It is also vital to use a helmet based on the child's age.

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Ken's Yamaha Now 3D Printing Repair Parts

2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

What is a 3D printer?

A 3D printer can print anything. It can make ceramic cups to even plastic toys. Ken's Yamaha offers repair services and replacement parts. 3D printing allows us to accurately create repair parts that will surely fit your motorcycle perfectly, click here to see what we mean. 3D printing also allows us to give you a more personalized repair service and parts. You will definitely have a motorcycle that will be unique to you.

Why do you call it printing?

If you look at the page where text was printed through a microscope, you will see that the letters are not just laying flatly on the paper. The letters are actually sitting lightly on top of the paper and not just staining the page. The theory goes that if you print the exact same thing on the page, the ink will build up into layers.

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